I believe music is more powerful than we often give it credit for.

Do you have songs that transport you directly to a particular place and time? Songs that bring a memory so vividly to your mind that your heart overflows with emotions of one kind or another? I have too many to name…

But it’s Friday – and Friday and Music seem to go together like PB & J. So here are my top 5 Emotion Inducing Musical Memories.


  • Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain – Willie Nelson… Excuse me while I blow my nose from sobbing uncontrollably. There are too many memories attached to this song to count. Mainly, my dad. Memories of him requesting that our incredibly talented, musical cousins play this at family reunions. Memories of him dancing with my mom. Memories of it being played at and after his funeral. The song never fails to bring a busload of tears… but there’s also this happy connection, this feeling of my dad being ever-present… that come along with it.
  • Rachel Platten – Fight Song… Go ahead – call me out on the cheesiness, or make fun of me, for my incessant making fun of teeny-bop – but I have to tell you, this song speaks to me in VOLUME. I’d heard it on the radio a number of times, and then I saw Rachel Platten on the Ellen Show with this amazing cancer survivor Caly Bevier, and I had to watch it over a dozen times because I was blown away by this teen’s courage and vulnerability singing along with the original artist. The song has become a bit of an anthem, and I’ve used it to get through some pretty tough times. When my sister was diagnosed with cancer, I played this driving back and forth to the hospital, and later on the hospice, as my way of getting through those moments. Even when we knew her time left with us was so short, I needed something to help me push through, to be there for everyone else. It was her fight song, and then it was my fight song.
    Oh my gosh, I’m still bawling my head off when I listen to it…
  • Train – Meet Virginia … Okay, so we’re not dealing with the top 5 Most Meaningful Songs of all time – despite what the last two represent. We’re talking about songs that bring back the biggest flood of memories and emotions. So here we are with Train – Meet Virginia. I can think of 19 people who these memories correlate to, and the song spans the spread of 3 years (from 19 – 22 years old) when I first started to really become “me” and started those baby steps into toddling into the comfort of the most genuine version of myself. I listen to this song and sigh, feeling the connection of deep friendships that have spanned the test of time, and feeling pride and love for the person that I toddled my way into. I’m going to start tagging those 19 people… I wonder if they can relate to the song too.
  • Jeff Healy – Angel Eyes… I get all sappy just writing it down. So many things. I’m actually really surprised this song didn’t make it into our wedding in some way. Maybe it’s more special that way. The lyrics are beautiful, and lovely, and romantic. But the song hits me on a much deeper level. That only my Mike would get. And I guess that’s my only wish – is that all of you have that “song” with your loved one that speaks deep, that resonates loud and strong.
Well, that was harder that I realized…. apparently a Top 20 List would have been easier, just time consuming!

I’m curious… what are your songs? Not favourite songs… but Memory Inducing Songs?

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