You’re busy. I know you are. As much as I’ve tried to eliminate that word from my vocabulary, and try to do everything in my power to keep our calendar less cluttered, the reality is that Life keeps happening and so many things have to get done. Not to mention all of the things that we just want to get done.

So, for anyone interested in following their own Healing Compass to bring greater health and happiness to their lives, I have exciting news to share.

Our motto is:

Keep it Simple!


As in, really, really simple. And the beautiful thing is that small, simple changes will end up leading to huge results. That’s another promise.

The secret behind this method is momentum. Making HUGE changes to our lives is not only intimidating, but it’s often destined to fail because it is not sustainable. However, making small changes leaves us feeling empowered because as we see positive results, we want to keep going and that momentum leads to greater results and more energy to try even more simple changes.

Here is an example from my own life that I explain in The Healing CompassThis is from the chapter Let’s Get Moving, which describes how we can start getting more exercise in our lives to help heal our physical health.

“There’s always tomorrow” is a double edged sword. It has some useful applications, but more often than not it is our justification for procrastinating. In short, I needed a mindset shift. I had to change my inflexible expectations to something realistic and easy to manage.


To help set realistic goals, let’s change the definition of being active to this: Not sitting still. You can add physical activity to your life every single day by choosing to simply get off your butt more often than not.

It also helps to understand that what works for some people might not work for you. You will need to keep trying and searching and trying some more until you find the right activities that click for you.


For myself, I needed to start small. I took baby steps, and as I began sprinkling more and more little bouts of activity into my life, the more I wanted. My motivation and confidence shot up as I wanted to push myself a little bit more each day. There are no 100 mile marathons in my future, but I feel great about tackling those beginner hikes in the mountains, and I feel fantastic about my physical self continuing to become stronger and healthier.


I honestly started with some basics. I would walk to get the mail – it was only a block away, and then I started taking the long way home. I parked farther away in parking lots to get some extra steps in. I played with my kids more, whether it was catch in the backyard or having an impromptu dance party in the living room. Small steps started leading to big changes.

Step Three:
Embrace our motto: Keep it Simple
Small, simple changes will lead to big results. I promise.

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