The four areas of our Healing Compass are Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.

It doesn’t take much for one area to become out of balance.

  • Unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, or poor sleep habits will cause our physical health to become out of whack.
  • Cluttered surroundings, life stresses, and filling our brains with junk will lead to our intellectual health to suffer.
  • Strained relationships, damaging self-talk, and more negative influences than positive in your life will damage your emotional health.
  • Worrying about our past and future, not having goals or plans, and feeling unsure of our place in the world will throw our spiritual health off kilter.

And when one of these areas starts to become off-balance, it quickly snowballs into the other areas as well. This leaves us feeling:

  • Confused
  • Tired
  • Uncertain
  • Stuck

Here’s the example I provide in The Healing Compass, that explains exactly how it played out in my own life:

My Body was struggling with constant intestinal blockages. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, and when I did sleep it didn’t feel restful. My nutrition was impacted as the liquid and mush diet I had to consume wasn’t giving me the energy I needed. I gave up on exercising, or even doing yoga because it was all so difficult.

With my physical health out of whack, my Mind struggled next. I couldn’t stay focused or on task as I tried juggling a hundred different thoughts and ideas. I felt overwhelmed, unsettled, and indecisive. So, my intellectual health was off-kilter as the snowball plowed into my Mind.

My Heart was a giant mess, as I worked through the emotional breakdown I was experiencing. In fact, I wonder if the snowball didn’t start here. My emotional upheaval might have been the root problem that began the snowball effect into other areas. Feelings of confusion, doubt, worry, and frustration took over the space in my Heart.

Now, with my Body, Mind, and Heart all in disarray, they took my Soul right along with them for the ride. Everything was in such a state of imbalance that I lost my connection to myself and the bigger picture. My Soul was becoming clouded with the unanswerable question ‘why me?’  and I was losing faith in my Body’s ability to become healthy again.



Fortunately, I realized that this snowball effect was hurting every part of my well-being, and I was determined to take control of the situation again. I decided to start adding small changes back into my life, intentionally working on my Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. I revisited my nutritionist, and started seeing a pelvic physiotherapist. I had a few reiki sessions and participated in my first breath workshop. I forced myself to go to bed earlier and reconnected with meditation and simple, restorative yoga routines.

I knew that too much would be overwhelming so I kept it simple, doing small things consistently, to help keep my focus on taking care of my health and well-being. My strength came back in my Body, and with it my Heart and my Soul suddenly felt stronger than they ever had before. My Mind followed suit as well, as some of the tools I was using were having a ripple effect through every part of me.

The lightbulb never went off in that sudden “aha” moment of discovery, yet there was no doubt that I was on to something that was working wonders in my life. My husband noticed some of the changes right away, as did the kids. While we were cooking together one afternoon, my oldest daughter commented “Mom, you look really happy…” My heart burst with appreciation for her noticing, but I also felt the sting of realizing how much hurt and exhaustion my family had witnessed throughout my years of pain and fatigue.

Friends and family were next to notice and then a few doctor’s visits showed me that these results were taking hold in other ways as well. My inflammatory markers were way down and those kinks in my intestine were not showing up in exams. Suddenly, I realized how several weeks had passed without feeling that incessant, painful knot in my side.

Pain-free? I couldn’t remember the last time that I was pain-free. Whatever I was doing was working. What was I doing? It seemed to be a hodgepodge collection of habits that I had collected over the course of time. I sat down with a giant sketch-pad of my kids and started drawing a spider web of what I was doing and what was working.



My Healing Compass was born…


Step One: 

Understanding the connection between your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. Imbalance causes negative effects to your entire well-being.

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