If “Keep it Simple” is the secret sauce that holds the Healing Compass together, all that is left to learn about are the two magic ingredients that guarantee your success and momentum towards your healthiest and happiest life.

  1. Intention: Truly wanting to make changes in your life because you’re not feeling your best.
  2. Consistency: Promising to take those baby steps (small, simple changes) every day to get you on the right path.

“I want to change and I will work at it”.

If that sentence rings true to you, then you are well on your way.

Here’s a sneak peek into the book, The Healing Compass, with an introduction into what the compass is and how we use it to achieve greater health and happiness:

How can small changes make such a huge difference? With the addition of two important ingredients:

  1. Consistency: It’s important to check-in with your Compass every morning and night. To build healthy habits into your life, you need to plan and monitor the tiny changes you are making.
  2. Intention: You won’t change any part of your life if you don’t want to put in the effort. Remember, I’m not talking about monumental changes, but instead focusing on simple habits to help you heal. Intention comes with commitment and following through with these daily check-ins.

I promise that you will fail if you don’t take these ingredients seriously, and I can also promise that you will see major results if you fully embrace them.


The Compass has four quadrants to it:

Body = Physical Health         

Mind = Intellectual Health

Heart = Emotional Health

Soul = Spiritual Health



Your main goal is to find your unique path towards feeling healthier and happier. Once you feel the deep-rooted connection between your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul; your life will feel more whole and fulfilled than ever before. To find that path, and build your own map you will learn how to use the Compass and its sidekick the Tracker.



The Compass: This is where you assess yourself at the beginning of each month to see how you’re doing and determine where you need to focus more time.






The Tracker: This is where you check-in daily to remind yourself of the healthy habits you’re building into your life.






And these are the basic steps you follow:

  • Assess: Reflect at the beginning of the month on how you’re feeling in your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.
  • Monitor: Check-in every morning and every night to cross off what you’ve accomplished.
  • Repeat: If something isn’t working you can always change it and adapt.

That tracker can look daunting because there are so many empty spaces, but the beauty of it is that we start small and simple. In the beginning you will be working on one or two things max, in each area of the compass.

And we are always, always, always working towards progress, not perfection. I have months where I’m lucky to hit 50% in certain categories and that is totally okay. It’s more than okay, because it’s often 50% more than what I had been achieving prior to using this guide in my life.

That’s it folks.

  • Step One: Understand the connection between your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul
  • Step Two: Make taking care of yourself a #1 priority in your life
  • Step Three: Know that small, simple changes will lead to big results
  • Step Four: Wanting change and being consistent will guarantee momentum

Click here to download your copy of the Compass & Tracker

Click here to buy the book The Healing Compass – a guide that walks you through these four areas of your health and dives deeper into how we can use the Compass and Tracker to start building healthy, healing habits into our day-to-day life.

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