Reviews from Readers

What do readers have to say about “The Healing Compass”? Check out their honest feedback here with reviews and testimonials of the book and Angie’s speaking or workshop sessions.

“The Healing Compass is like sitting down and having a good chat with a friend who just “gets it”, and has a good sense of humour to boot. This book provides a practical approach to taking a critical look at the imbalances in our lives. It is a guide to help you to make small, manageable changes towards a more fulfilled You, one step at a time. For anyone who feels like they’ve lost their way or aren’t sure which direction to turn, The Healing Compass can help you find your True North.”

Erin Corbett

“This was an easy read but at the same time made me re-asses the little things in life that have been on my mind. Angie gave a road map to follow and a way to get there in a simple way that doesn’t add more to the to-do list. I read it on my phone before bed and each chapter allowed me to decide what items to implement the next week. I would 100% recommend this book.”


“I’m laying here in bed, at 3AM, when I should be sleeping, having just read this in one go. Every “okay i’ll just finish this section and then go to sleep” was met with at least two “how did you get inside my head and why are you making me feel these things while reading” moments. There was no point where I felt like I could put this down to be picked up later on. It doesn’t matter who you are, there will be at least one section of this book that will feel like it’s written about you, personally. And that doesn’t even begin to speak on the number of one-off anecdotes or examples that will be extremely applicable to something going on in your life. I was amazed at just how much of this I related to, or how many of what Angie talks about I was already doing or had tried to do and given up because I “failed” in my attempts. There’s an unparalleled level of openness and candidness in Angie’s writing that makes this feel like you’re sitting across from her having a conversation over a couple pots of coffee. It’s an effortless read and one that I would recommend to anyone, and will recommend to everyone.”


“The Healing Compass acknowledges health in a holistic manner that encourages positive growth in all areas of life by learning to make realistic changes that we overlook daily.”


“The Healing Compass is certain to have a positive effect on your life! Angie writes with such honesty and passion it shines through in her writing. The information can be life changing!”


I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Healing Compass”. I love the simplicity of the strategies and techniques given to make your life easier. As I read each chapter, I thought to myself, this makes so much sense and actually wouldn’t be hard to do; I could do this. I can’t wait to have the book in my hands so I can reread, look back and highlight as much as I want. I’m looking forward to putting “The Healing Compass” into action.


“I absolutely love this book! Angie did an amazing job of creating a relevant read with an easy tone and atmosphere that anyone would relate to! I could not be more proud of her…I knew her before and I continue to know her now. My love and admiration is huge. Once I took off my editors hat and just read for the value of reading (nothing wrong with her editor just saying, I tend to read thru the lines!) I was engaged! I couldn’t put it down. My 16 yr old kept asking, “Mom when is supper….?” until I finally said, “Bud you are on your own until I am done reading”! My highlights were p 23 explaining the cure aspect that so many just don’t get!! p 24 finding tools!! p 26 we are not promised tomorrow! p 47 There is always tomorrow ! I loved EACH and EVERY quote which was chosen—they were all so relevant and so meaningful to her thoughts in that chapter!
p 111 was my favorite quote: ” And if I asked you to name all of the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?” like wow—-hit me, hit me hard.
I had so many reading moments of OMG and then just smiles at the moments she identifies.
I love love all the footnotes: again as an editor, these are not the norm, these are super fun!
I promise YOU CANNOT PUT THIS DOWN–Angie says it all with a willingness to share at the rawest level and be completely open — as a reader I appreciate everything she has to say!

Lisa Gausman

“Very practical ideas shared for making simple changes in your life. We can all benefit from the tips and ideas on how to take better care of ourselves. The book is an easy read with real life stories that most of us can relate to in one way or another. There are some tough challenges shared, and through humour and simple examples you are given some ideas on making personal adjustments.”


“This is an excellently written and organized – not to mention amazing – account of a trip. A trip that involves hurdles that have been identified and conquered. After all? What is the best way to handle challenges presented to us? They have to first be identified, and then conquered (at least if we are to move on and survive). An excellent account. 2 thumbs up.”

R.A. Drickl

“A thought provoking read. I appreciate the auntheticity and honesty of the author.”