“Um….” the surgical resident paused, with her fingers still poised on the tube that was supposed to be removed from my stomach, “Your body is healing really fast. It looks like it’s adhering itself to this tube we’re supposed to take out. Uh, this might hurt a little…”

I felt excited, proud…. and TERRIFIED… all at the same time.

And I couldn’t wait to call the friend who I was holding responsible for this “incredibly fast healing” my body was doing.

In February of 2014, I underwent my second major surgery, when I made the decision to make my ostomy permanent and have the remaining 6 inches of diseased colon/rectum removed. I was more prepared for this surgery than my first one, and my body wasn’t sitting on Death’s Doorstep quite like it was back in 2008.

Surgery was successful, and after six days of healing in the hospital I was discharged to go home. The incision on my stomach wasn’t fully draining like it should have, so they sent me home with the tube still in place, instructions on how to care for it, and an appointment to have it removed 7 days later.

After getting home to start the 6 week recovery process, one of my dearest friends in the world came for a visit, arms full of the absolute best “Get Well” present I’ve ever received.

DIY Kombucha = Yummy

The best get-well present I have ever received…

Her present included a mason jar of ready-to-drink kombucha, a big old jar, a fresh SCOBY, and all the instructions on how to start brewing my own! Plus some kefir to get me going as well…

Imagine this – 2014 – kombucha was just starting to become more mainstream, but not really. Most people would have given my friend a “you’re crazy” sideways look at the gift of a DIY kombucha kit. Yet, I was filled to the brim with research on gut health and knew that fermented foods and probiotics needed to be a major part of my life going forward.

So, I started my days with kombucha and ended my days with kefir.

And my body started healing. Really fast.

Having the surgical resident seriously yank that tube out of my stomach was one of the most painful, yet gratifying experiencees I’ve had. Fortunately, the forceful removal didn’t cause any other damage. That would have been just my luck.

I fell off the kombucha and kefir bandwagon about a year after that. I was going through a series of health problems, dealing with chronic pain and chronic fatigue, and just couldn’t keep up with the DIY process. It was a time when my body would have needed that extra probiotic support more than ever, but I was suffering emotionally, mentally and spirtuually so much that it was the furthest thing from my mind.

Then a year ago, when I was able to start crawling back out of that sickness hole – the most amazing thing happened.

Wild Brewing Co. in Red Deer, Alberta

Photo Credit: Lyndsay Greenwood Photography

These guys started making kombucha locally. And I fell in love. Not only is their kombucha the tastiest that I have ever had, but they are an incredible family that run the business. Check them out at Wild Brewing Co. My kids love visiting the Kombrewery they have set up and sampling all sorts of yummy flavours.

When I reflect on changes that I’ve made in the past 6-12 months that have had a HUGE impact on my healing journey – getting back on that Kombucha bandwagon is definitely one of them.

Other kombucha sources that have helped me along the way:

How about you? Do you love kombucha as much as I do? 

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