Do you feel stuck?

Have you been trying to take charge of your health and happiness, but it feels like your wheels are spinning and you’re getting nowhere?

I hear you. Whether struggling through chronic illness, dealing with personal loss, or feeling overwhelmed by stress – we may know what we should be doing to take better care of ourselves, but figuring out how to fit it into our busy lives can be a mystery.

Discover your unique path and start living your life to the fullest – today!

What Readers Are Saying…

“I’m laying here in bed, at 3AM, when I should be sleeping, having just read this in one go. Every “okay i’ll just finish this section and then go to sleep” was met with at least two “how did you get inside my head and why are you making me feel these things while reading” moments. There was no point where I felt like I could put this down to be picked up later on. It doesn’t matter who you are, there will be at least one section of this book that will feel like it’s written about you, personally. And that doesn’t even begin to speak on the number of one-off anecdotes or examples that will be extremely applicable to something going on in your life. I was amazed at just how much of this I related to, or how many of what Angie talks about I was already doing or had tried to do and given up because I “failed” in my attempts. There’s an unparalleled level of openness and candidness in Angie’s writing that makes this feel like you’re sitting across from her having a conversation over a couple pots of coffee. It’s an effortless read and one that I would recommend to anyone, and will recommend to everyone.”


“The Healing Compass is certain to have a positive effect on your life! Angie writes with such honesty and passion it shines through in her writing. The information can be life changing!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Healing Compass”. I love the simplicity of the strategies and techniques given to make your life easier. As I read each chapter, I thought to myself, this makes so much sense and actually wouldn’t be hard to do; I could do this. I can’t wait to have the book in my hands so I can reread, look back and highlight as much as I want. I’m looking forward to putting “The Healing Compass” into action.”


About the Book

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Too busy?
Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Let’s agree on one thing, the majority of us could use better health and more happiness in our lives. We may know what we should be doing to take better care of our health and well-being, but figuring out how to fit it into our busy lives can be a mystery. We live in a world where we are surrounded by clutter and chaos; distractions and disconnection. Finding true health and happiness can be easier said than done.

12 years ago, Angie Schickerowski was handed a chronic health diagnosis that changed her life forever. Through years of struggling to find health and healing while dealing with an autoimmune disease, she dreamed of a map to help guide the way. Life was like a rollercoaster ride for many years. As she explored the connection between her Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul; the Healing Compass was born.

The Healing Compass is a guide designed to help you find your unique pathAs you discover pockets of time to focus on taking care of yourself, you will make small and simple changes that will lead to significant results. Your life will become filled with:
* More energy & focus
* Deeper connections
* Less stress
* Inner peace & purpose

Life is short. Take charge of your health and happiness, and start living your life to the fullest – today.

Hey there, I’m Angie.

I want to invite you over and sit down with a hot cup of coffee or a glass of wine and talk about all. the. things.

Things like, what’s been bugging you the most about feeling stuck?

I know that you’re feeling stuck. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.

And I know exactly what it feels like. To be in a rut. To feel like life is moving by all around you, but your wheels are only spinning.

For years I had this vision of a happier and healthier me, but life kept tossing me lemons and I had a hard time getting anywhere.

I’ve really struggled with those damn lemons. With chronic illness. With major surgery. With losing loved ones. With putting in effort, and never seeing results.

And then I found my roadmap.

I want to help you find your roadmap.

The best part is that we’re going to do it together. I’m your front-seat navigator with an ol’ fashioned cracked-at-the-seams gas station map. I’ll show you how to get there. Destination Unstuck.

The second-best part is that our motto is: Keep It Simple.

So, for anyone worried about how busy your life is already and how little time you have for life as it is, rest assured. Learning about your Healing Compass and using it will be one of the easiest things you’ve ever done.

I can’t wait to get started…